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Maison Bassi

Luxury and knowledge experience since 1960


Maison Bassi

Admirable expression of style and goldsmithing prestige since 1960.
All our pieces are handcrafted with extraordinary care
in our factory in Vicenza, Italy.

About Us

The exquisite quality of our workmanship has always made Bassi jewelry stand out.

Bassi s.r.l. is a family-owned business, from generation to generation, from father to son we passed on the ancient knowledge and secrets of the trade, as well as the passion and love for this business. Today we carry on those traditional values and skills that were passed on to us and are capable of blending them with modern technology and avant-garde techniques.

Basilica Bassi
Bassi History 1952 C

60 Years of Experience

Our company has operated in the gold sector since 1960, for over fifty years now, and is headquartered at Via Vecchia Ferriera 50 in the heart of the goldsmith district of Vicenza, also known as “ the city of gold ”, melting pot of Italian goldsmithing.


Today the company is run by Christian and Massimiliano Bassi , the second generation of the family. During these last fifty years much has changed but we are still focused on high-quality standards, exceptional designs and research. Each piece passes through the hands of a skilled goldsmith. Everything is still handmade in our factory in Vicenza, Italy.

Massimiliano And Christian Bassi

Jewelry manufactory

Over the years we have acquired historic jewelry brands such as Lovato, Biffi and Donnagemma, along with their expert gold artisans, elevating the quality and allowing us to leverage a large team capable of fulfilling the markets demand. This expertise translates into the ability to accommodate a wide range of styles including exclusive custom designs and our timeless open-line collections. Our jewelry manufactory is specialized in gold chains, bracelets, earrings, religious items, and bangles. A considerable share of our products is exported to the world’s largest markets: Europe, United States, and the Middle East. Some of the most prestigious brands in the world entrust their design lines to our skilled hands.

Biffi Logo Nero

A historic company founded in 1915, Biffi has always stood out for the impeccable quality of its products, rigorously handcrafted and now re-proposed with the same methods and working qualities that have always made them timeless jewels.

Donnagemma Bassi 14
Donnagemma Bassi 2

Founded in 1919, Donnagemma is a company that has always distinguished itself for the exclusive quality and originality of its jewels, all printed and finished strictly by hand, now re-proposed with the same constructive and aesthetic characteristics and made more current thanks to a skillful touch of contemporaneity.


Furthermore, our company has begun to grow and develop responsibilities in the social and environmental sectors, becoming a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

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